The disk space function displays the overall volume of information that you are able to have on the shared website hosting server at any time. With a home PC, for instance, this is the total size of one hard disk drive or the overall volume of all of the hard disk drives in the event that your PC has more than one. The same way that the space on a personal computer is divided between installed computer programs, documents, music etc, the server hdd space is normally divided between internet site files, databases and emails. Each file, folder or email message takes a little space on the server, and that means you should consider multiple factors, not only the size of the files that you upload. For instance, receiving sizable email attachments or having a script-driven site where the user-generated content material is kept in a database also affects the space you are using.

Disk Space in Shared Website Hosting

Our shared website hosting packages were made with the idea that shortage of storage space should not be a thing that should prevent the progress of your web sites. That's why we've taken a technique which is more advanced than the one that most hosting providers apply - instead of just making a variety of accounts using a singlle server and eventually not having enough storage space, we work with a cloud hosting platform where the storage is taken care of by a wide cluster of servers. In this way, we're able to attach more machines if they are required and more hard disks, so as to supply more disk space for the files of our users. Individual clusters control the emails and your databases, thus not only can you increase the size of your websites not worrying about space, but also all of the servers will function faster and better considering the fact that every service does have its space for storing and a single server doesn't handle various types of files.